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Jon Gauthier

Photographer & Media Consultant


Hi I am Jon Gauthier  

I’m a Photographer / Digital Content Creator based out of Toronto, Canada that loves to photograph people, places and products.
During my time as a Social Media Community Manager I discovered my passion for photography, and as a result I’ve made it my profession for the past 8yrs. I enjoy working with other creative minds, companies, and brands to bring a vision to life.

I’m up for pretty much anything and willing to travel anywhere, so let’s work together.

Join me on my journey & hopefully we can work together!

Little Bit About Me…

 I have always loved all things outdoors, especially skiing, climbing, hiking and photography. I am constantly inspired by nature and always look for new places to I’m always looking to try something new that will help expand my portfolio & help me grow in my craft.I love running 5,10k once in awhile other
enjoy seeing movies of different genres & going to the Toronto Film Festival each year also love the Toronto Festival of Beer & Honda Indy each year


I have helped people/brands create strategies and excute there vision for campagins maintain can curate there
social feeds. as I create photography content for there marketing / instagram profile or other social channels
as i am a Photographer Digital Marketing Content Creative Strategist 

+ Photography for social & marketing campaigns
+ Social media and digital strategy
+ Content marketing, brand partnerships
+ Social media reporting and analytics
+ Experiential marketing and events

Blog Writings

Click highlighted links as I occasionally write posts at Jon Eats & Food Adventures about my
favorite  places & foods also write posts about lifestyle & events at Jon Captures Tech & Lifestyle
My Photography Portfolio & Brand Work Jon Captures is here 

My NFT ART / Photography Gallery is here  

Speaking Experiences

SociaLight Conference 2012, 2013 & 2014
– Spoken to classes about goodfoot & social enterprises

About social media strategies & social network usage
– Personal Network / Business Contact brand awareness


Please Follow or contact me on my Facebook Insta, TwitterSocial Channels above or

email me at or I added a form below for work inquiries