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Jon Gauthier

Photographer & Media Consultant


Hi I am Jon Gauthier  

Hello, I’m Jon Gauthier, a Photographer and Digital Content Creator based in Toronto, Canada. I have a deep love for capturing the beauty of people, places, and products through my lens.


My insatiable passion for preserving life’s moments is evident in my diverse collection of photos. From documenting culinary delights to capturing the energy of live sports events, I take pride in showcasing the rich tapestry of the world around me.


With years of hands-on involvement in digital marketing and social media, I’ve honed a unique talent for translating my experiences into compelling stories. I use my lens to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences, establishing profound connections by narrating the essence of businesses through my eyes.


I’m always open to collaborations and inquiries. If you’re interested in partnering with me, feel free to reach out at I’m dedicated to forming relationships with businesses that not only connect audiences but also convey brand stories with unwavering authenticity.


What I Capture

Professionally (Jon Captures)
Portrait, Events, Conferences, Food, 
City Districts (Neighbourhoods)  and Brands
My Passion Photography is for 
Street, Landscape, Nature

Photography / Marketing Services


In a decade-long social media journey, I’ve become a skilled visual storyteller, proficient in photography and content curation across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. My passion extends beyond capturing moments;


I’m dedicated to empowering people to form genuine connections with brands. Crafting narratives that breathe life into brands, I engage clients in the storytelling process, fostering enduring relationships and a sense of belonging within the brand’s narrative.


1. Social & Marketing Campaigns Photography

   -Tailored photography services to enhance your social media and marketing campaigns. Whether you need eye-catching visuals for product launches, promotional content, or brand awareness, I specialize in creating compelling images that tell your unique story.

2. Content Marketing Photography:

   Comprehensive photography services designed to elevate your content marketing strategy. From capturing behind-the-scenes moments to creating custom imagery for blog posts and articles, I focus on delivering visuals that align with your brand’s narrative and engage your audience.

3. Brand Partnerships Photography:

   Collaborative photography services for brand partnerships. Whether you’re working with influencers, other businesses, or organizations, I specialize in creating visuals that seamlessly integrate with your collaborative efforts, enhancing the overall impact of your partnerships.

4. Experiential Marketing, Conferences &  Events Photography:

   – Description: Capturing the essence of live events and experiential marketing initiatives. From product launches and corporate events to conferences and trade shows, I focus on preserving the energy and atmosphere of each moment, providing you with a visual narrative that extends the reach of your event.

Note: Rates may vary based on additional factors such as location, specific client requirements, and the complexity of the project. Custom packages and rate card pricing are available upon request. For detailed inquiries and bookings, please contact Jon at


Contact Me:

Let’s Capture Your Moments

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